Meet Capri!

Simone Capri Ware's ascent from the sun-soaked Virgin Islands to the pinnacle of the fitness world is a stirring tale of resolve and vision. Her story, emerging from a place pulsating with life, is a powerful narrative of a woman who harnessed discipline and consistency to create CapriCurves, her influential fitness brand.

From her humble beginnings as a security officer, Simone's relentless drive transformed her life and career, as she pursued her true calling with a clear vision and steadfast dedication. It was these very principles she wove into the fabric of Capri Curves, propelling it beyond a fitness brand into a movement centered on empowerment and inclusivity.

Simone's transformative journey is the heartbeat of Capri Curves, exemplifying that with passion and commitment, anyone can redefine their future. As the face of BET Digital's “Mad Different Workouts Show,” and the force behind “Curved Swim” and “Curved Active,” Simone's endeavors reflect her deep-rooted mission to inspire confidence and strength in women.

Her innovative approach has not only captivated fitness enthusiasts but also garnered acclaim from celebrities, fostering collaborations that resonate with diversity and innovation. Simone's message is clear: don't settle for the status quo; chase your dreams with the courage of conviction.

Capri Curves has sparked a global movement, building a community that elevates fitness to an empowering experience. It's more than a brand—it's a testament to the collective strength of women united in pursuit of wellness and self-discovery. Simone invites all to join this transformative journey, embodying the essence of Capri Curves: empower, engage, and evolve.