Meet Capri!

Virgin Islands native, Simone Capri Ware, is an accomplished fitness influencer and entrepreneur who started the fitness brand, Capricurves, out of a desire to prove the power of discipline and consistency!  Simone’s resounding success in the fitness world led BET to make her the face of BET Digital’s “Mad Different Workouts Show.”
Combining her expertise and entrepreneurial mindset, Simone has also successfully developed and launched the popular swimsuit  and activewear lines  “Curved Swim,” and  “Curved Active.” 
The success of the CapriCurves brand has attracted attention and support from celebrities and entertainment industry titans across the globe. CapriCurves has already partnered on multiple successful business ventures with Angela Simmons (MTV’s Run’s House), Saje Nicole (Sports Illustrated and Wilhelmina swimsuit model), and Crystal Westbrook (co-star of BET’s “The Westbrooks”), and many other public figures/influencers. 
Message from Capri:
Just a few years ago, I was a Security Officer before launching my Fitness Brand! I wonder what would’ve happened if I stayed complacent. How did I get started? I literally decided I wasn’t living in my purpose, brought a vision board to work the very next day and mapped out my destiny. God was (and is) ALWAYS first! I did absolutely nothing you can’t do! Took no short cuts, no handouts, just a girl with a dream that refused to settle for anything less than I deserved!
Discipline and Consistency starts with your mindset before it reaches your body!