Frequently Asked Questions

“Keep Curves, Drop Fat”

- What is the Plan about exactly? 
Exactly what it says! Keeping your curves, while dropping fat. Many women complain that when they drop weight or “shred”, they also lose curves. I’m showing you how to keep your waist snatched, thighs toned, and booty round, all while bringing down the stomach fat!
- Will it include a meal plan? 
There’s a full Meal Chart with tons of options for you to choose from! Full 3 page breakdown on “Healthy Eats” 
- Is the meal plan vegan friendly? 
There’s Vegan options on the food chart. However, if you need more, I’m only an email away! I’m always here to help with any questions or modifications to the plan based on your needs. Emails will be answered within 24hrs 
- Will workouts be home based, gym, or both?
Full Videos of both home and gym workouts! No excuses! 
- How long is the plan for? 
1 Month! But of course for more results you can continue beyond that. 
- Has this plan been tested on people other then yourself? What were the results? 
Yes! Amazing results! Check the “Results are in” tab in Dropbox (top right corner on page) 
- Can people from other countries (SA) purchase this plan ?
Yes! Worldwide! Couldn’t leave out any Fit Queens. 
- Is this plan beginner friendly? 
Yes! My motto has always been simple yet effective. I’m not doing anything you can’t do. No super crazy workouts, no big words you won’t understand, no super complicated meal plan.. just straight to the point!